Building the National Day of Action!

The Education Action Group has been really busy the last couple of weeks trying to build for the national day of action on March 26th. We have been contacting clubs, societies and collectives to participate, putting up posters, leafleting, chalking, making lecture announcements, and setting
up stalls to get the word out. Hopefully you have heard it’s happening by now. If not, well, shit.

Next Wednesday March 19th, exactly one week out from the NDA, we’ve planned a blitz day. The Abbott government isn’t going to fight itself and we want to try bring as many students as possible to scream against our scummy PM and his snake-like crony Christopher Pyne (eurgh). We’re going to start the day leafleting Redfern station at 8am, before setting up on Eastern Ave for a day of banner painting, placard making, and photo petitioning. Stop by if you see us!

March 26th is shaping up to be a really important day for students. Last year proved that protests can win. By hitting the streets we turned education into an election issue, and forced the Labor party to back-flip and oppose the cuts they introduced, when they took opposition. Just recently, the Senate also rejected legislation that would turn Start-Up Scholarships into loans, another victory for the campaign. But we’re not in the clear, and need to keep up the fight.

Politicians aren’t interested in meeting us and reasonably discussing our issues, they’re not interested in well articulated letters or argument. We can only force them to change their minds through mass action. March 26th is our first chance to do just that.

If you think Abbott and Pyne are fucking bastards, if you are sick of your tutorials packed to the brim, if you are frustrated by course cuts,
if you want to support staff wages and conditions, if you want to demand more student welfare not less, if you want to support international student rights, if you want quality and free higher education – you need to be at the rally on March 26th, 12pm outside Fisher library. See you there!

The education officers apologise for any content included in the 2014 Counter Course Handbook that was not attributed to its author. There was content we included from previous handbooks, and unfortunately we forgot to seek out their authors and add them to our thank-you list at the end. We apologise for this mistake.

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