There are wide spread financial deceptions or ‘scams’ targeting international students, particularly those from China.

There are lots of advertisements showing cheaper ways to pay your international student fees. Some will even do smaller transactions with a refund on the exchange rate, for bills like mobile phone or internet, rental payments, or even your SSAF. Unfortunately, they are ALL scams. ALL OF THEM. They will do the smaller transactions for you without a problem to build your confidence in them, to encourage you to pay your fees to them. They will even issue you a fake receipt, so you won’t know that you have been scammed until you are at risk of being unenrolled from uni. Don’t risk it. Pay your fees to the University through the official channels.

Another scam encouraged or coerced students into telling their parents they had been kidnapped so that they could share in the ransom money from their parents. This is very illegal and should be reported to the Police straight away.

Accommodation scams are very common, where students pay for a room before inspecting it, without meeting with the person renting the room, getting their full legal name, and without a written contract (in English). If you pay any money, do it in person, and ask the landlord for photo ID, e.g., a driver’s licence. Get a receipt and email a photo of it to yourself, so that you always have a copy. Never, ever, pay for your accommodation using money transfer services like Western Union.

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