Be part of history and a better society that’s actually ours and get involved in these campaigns…

In the past week we’ve seen a huge victory for students across the country while witnessing some of the most disillusioned remarks from the Prime Minister and the Western Australian Government regarding Aboriginal communities.

Monday last week saw a form of direct action taken by myself, and members of the Education Action Network as we locked ourselves onto the Vice-Chancellors door in the name of free education and to protest the deregulation of Australian universities. On Tuesday evening, the Senate’s votes were counted and the motion for deregulation failed. We have built momentum through the course of 2014 and this year but Christopher Pyne is not backing down. He has vowed to put his bill of higher educational reform to the Senate for the third time. We must remain vocal, persistent, direct, and clear with our message. I encourage you not to be satisfied with just the lost deregulation bill. Continue to fight for the free education that every person is entitled to. Fuck the Coalition Government and their privatisation bullshit and fuck the ALP and their relaxed stance towards the HECS system when the same people who benefited from a free education decide we don’t deserve it.

I also encourage you to campaign against the closure of over 150 Aboriginal communities in Western Australia. The rumors have already begun. Child abuse. Domestic violence. Pedophilia. Sexual assault. Limited funding for schools. Do these sound familiar? THE NORTHERN TERRITORY INTERVENTION?!?!?!?!? This is just another land-grabbing opportunity for the mining industry on Traditional Owners’ countries with the backing of an apartheid régime.

As USyd students, we created and involved ourselves in movements around the Vietnam War, Land Rights, wom*n’s rights, and queer rights. None of these things could have caught the public’s attention and created change without the voices of students. Be part of history and a better society that’s actually ours.

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