Dear Abe,

I hate 2 of my subjects and I want to drop them. I thought I could just get a DC but the uni’s website is confusing me. How can I drop these subjects?


Desperately Seeking DCs

Dear Desperately Seeking DCs,

The process for DC grades changed at the beginning of 2022, due to the introduction of the Job Ready Graduates package. You can no longer drop a subject after the census date, unless you have “special circumstances”, like illness, injury, or misadventure, that was unexpected and outside of your control. If you can complete all your subjects without failing them, it is best to do so. If you think you need some academic support, contact an Academic Advisor, or talk to a tutor in the Learning Hub. If you still want to drop those subjects after considering that information, email an SRC caseworker ( to see what your choices are.