Dear Abe,

I can’t decide whether or not to drop a subject. I haven’t done any of the readings, but I can watch the lectures online. If I withdraw from it now, can I rejoin the class if I catch up?


Dear Undecided,

If you have missed more than a couple of weeks of lectures it is unlikely that you will ever catch up. By dropping a subject now (before the Census date), you will not have a fail on your transcript, you will not have to pay for the subject, and you can then spend your time focusing on your other subjects.

If you are unsure, you could wait until the end of week 7 to apply for a Discontinue Not Fail (DC). You will have to pay for the subject, but you will not have a fail on your transcript. Bear in mind that if you forget and miss this deadline, you will have a Discontinue Fail (DF) recorded on your transcript

If you are an international student and you drop a subject, you may be in breach of visa regulations. If you are a domestic student, you may become a part time student (12 credit points or fewer), but this would mean you cannot use a concession Opal Card, and it will affect any Centrelink payments. Seek advice from an SRC Caseworker before deciding to drop a subject. Call 9660 5222 to make an appointment, or send an email to


For more information see our page on withdrawing & discontinuing