Dear Abe,

My stupid smoke alarm keeps beeping. It’s on a very high ceiling that I can’t reach and it is driving me mad. If you were me, what would you do?

Bleeping Mad

Dear Beeping Mad,

Smoke alarms are the simplest way to protect ourselves from smoke and fire. That is why they are legally required to be working in all rental properties, and very highly recommended for other homes too. If you are a renter, contact your landlord as soon as possible, and they need to repair it (it may need a new battery or might need replacing if it has a bug or cockroach in it), within 2 days. Here is a link to a factsheet:

If you own your home, or live in your family’s home, you can borrow a ladder, stand on a table (take care please) or if you can’t think of any other solution, you could call the local fire station to ask them for help.