Hi Abe,

Every year I feel crushing anxiety about doing my tax return. In the past, I have just ignored it, and not worried about submitting a tax return. I think this year my anxiety is so high that I have to actually do something about it. Do you have any ideas on where to start?

Tax Anxious

Dear Tax Anxious,

Tax can be a pretty scary issue, because there’s a lot of complexity, and the penalty for getting it wrong, whether you’ve paid too much or too little, can be onerous. This is especially the case as a result of all the changes made during the COVID pandemic.

The Australian Tax Office provides free advice and assistance to low income earners (under $50,000 per year) who need to submit a tax return. You just need to gather all of the paperwork you have (e.g., previous payment summaries; receipts for deductibles; details of any investments; etc), together with your tax file number, and My Gov account details. To book an appointment go to https://www.ato.gov.au/individuals/lodging-your-tax-return/tax-help-program/.