Hi Abe,

I’m enrolled in 4 subjects this semester, but some personal stuff has happened and I’m not sure I can cope with the workload. What should I do?


Dear Overwhelmed,

The census date is the 31st of August in semester two. You can drop any subject before then without any academic or financial penalty. Before dropping any subject, make sure that you understand the impact it will have on Centrelink payments, visas, and travel concession cards. Dropping to 3 subjects will not affect your full-time enrollment status, but international students will need the Uni’s permission.

Even if you do not want to change your study load, make sure your enrolment is correct. The rules for Discontinue not Fail (DC) grades have changed. If you need to drop a unit after the Census Date, you can apply for a DC grade, but you will need to provide supporting documentation, to show that you have experienced special circumstances, like illness, injury, or misadventure, that stop you from being able to successfully complete your studies.

For further advice and information, contact an SRC Caseworker at help@src.usyd.edu.au