Hi Abe,

Someone I met at my uni accommodation told me about a different way of paying your fees. I’m an international student and the exchange rate and cost of transferring money makes my fees cost even more. This person said I can transfer money to their account in our country, and they will pay the fees from their Australian account. Is this true?

Fee Fear

Dear Fee Fear,

This sounds like a scam designed to steal your money. Unfortunately there are lots of people in Australia who will try to trick international students into paying them money. A good general rule to live by is: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is a scam.

Never give your personal details, bank information, or money to anyone whose identity you cannot verify. If you are contacted by someone who says they are from the government, the police, or the university and you are suspicious, contact the organisation via their official contact information yourself.

For more information about how to avoid scams, visit: https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/about-scamwatch/tools-resources/in-your-language