Dear Abe,

I have difficulty in reading some words and numbers – they kind of jump around the page a bit. My friend thinks I am dyslexic, and I was wanting to know if there is anything I can do about it.


Dear Alphabet,

The first thing to do is to speak to your GP about your options for getting a diagnosis. This will enable you to then investigate what accommodations you might need from the University. This might include a coloured lens to place over your written word, access to assistive technology, or just some extra time to do assessments. You can also explain your situation to your lecturers and ask them what they are able to do to help you. Most of them will only do what they are instructed to do by the Disability Support Unit, but there is no harm in trying. Finally, be aware of your study load and deadlines. Often doing fewer subjects will help to spend less time on those tasks, and knowing when you need to withdraw from a subject you are struggling with, will stop you from getting a fail.


For more help, call the SRC on 9660 5222 to make an appointment with a Caseworker, or email: