Dear Abe,

One of my Units had online ProctorU exams last semester. I found these very uncomfortable. I felt that people were looking at me but not like in a real exam. It was creepy the way they took over my computer too.

I was very stressed with this part of the online experience. Added to that I have had problems with my computer and was worried about how I had to upload answers etc. What should I do this semester?

Over Proctored

Dear Over Proctored,

You are not alone. Many students have concerns about ProctorU. It does seem reasonable you be treated the same way you would in a normal exam – which are stressful enough. It might be possible avoid these Units – the census date to drop a unit is 28 September. If you have to do them you should get together with other students and lobby the lecturer to try change assessment methods. If a problem arises with your computer make sure you communicate with the lecturer at the time.

You can even ask the Exams people, in special circumstances, to do the exam in person. Talk to a caseworker at the SRC about your options.

Finally, write to the SRC President about the problems you face and he will continue lobbying the University to get a better system.