Hey Abe,

My lecturer won’t give me my mark for an assignment because I worked on it with my friend. We didn’t cheat, so I don’t know what the fuss is about. We just helped each other understand the question, because the subject was taught really badly. Can I get into trouble for that?

Working Together

Hey Working Together,

It sounds like your assignment has been referred to the Faculty’s academic integrity team, because they think you might have gained an unfair advantage by using your friend’s work. You can certainly get into trouble for that, where the likely penalty is a fail for the assignment. Thinking that the subject was poorly taught would not be considered a good excuse for your actions. The Uni has information about the difference between legitimate cooperation and collusion. If you are working with another student, make sure that you do not show them your assignment, or look at theirs. Only talk about general concepts, and don’t take written notes. Avoid using “tutoring” services, especially where you pay a fee to subscribe. If you do receive an academic integrity allegation, ask a caseworker for help.


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