Dear Abe,
I used to be able to work while I was studying, but my boss has had to cut my work hours and finding another job is nearly impossible. If I can’t work I’m going to struggle to pay my rent. I’m getting pretty desperate. Is there anything you can suggest?
JS, Arts III

Dear JS,
I’m sorry to hear about your difficulties. There are a few things you could consider. The first is to check if you might be eligible for a Centrelink benefit. The SRC has a range of leaflets that you might find helpful. The second is to get financial assistance from the University. They have bursaries, scholarships, and interest free loans that might help you even if only in the short term. Finally, consider reducing your study load to part time, so that you can get a permanent job. This is certainly not going to be easy in these challenging times, and it is less than ideal to delay finishing your course, but it is important that you are well and happy now. If you are an international student you will need permission to reduce your study load below 24 credit points so talk to an academic advisor about your options. If you would like to discuss these options, you can contact an SRC Caseworker by calling 9660 5222.


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