Dear Abe,

My semester started really well, but then things started piling up, and I stopped submitting assessments for one of my units so I could focus on passing the others. I think I’m going to fail this unit, and I’m worried about what that means for my WAM. My friend told me it’s too late to withdraw from a unit, is that true? Is there anything I can do about this?

Snowed Under

Dear Snowed Under,

If you withdraw from the unit now your grade will be DF (Discontinue Fail). You still have to pay fees, and it will count as a fail on your transcript. This may affect your academic progression status and, in a few courses, will affect your Weighted Average Mark (WAM). For some domestic students this may impact your Commonwealth Supported place, and you should discuss this with a caseworker as soon as possible.

If you can show that you experienced special circumstances that were beyond your control, impacted you some time after the census date (31st March for 1st semester / 31st August for 2nd semester), and stopped you from being able to complete that subject, you can apply for a DC (Discontinue Not to Count as Failure).

If you are an international student, you will need to apply for a reduced study load and provide the necessary supporting documents. It may affect your visa, so check with the SRC’s visa solicitor.

If you are a domestic student, and dropping the subject makes you a part time student, talk to an SRC Caseworker about how this will affect your Centrelink payment or your concession status for the Opal Card. Call 9660 5222 to make an appointment, or send your details to


More Info: SRC Guide to Withdrawing & Discontinuing