Dear Abe,

I live in a sharehouse with 3 other people. Mostly it’s ok, but one of my housemates is always late paying their rent. We’re all students, so we don’t want to hassle him, but none of us can afford to pay his share, or even make him a loan for his share, and we definitely don’t want to get kicked out. What should we do?

Share House

Dear Share House,

Share houses can be really tricky places to live. The first thing to remember is that the people on the lease are the people that are legally responsible for paying the rent. They are responsible as individuals and as a group. This is regardless of whether someone is not paying their share or not. If you are on the lease and the housemate who is paying late is not, I would suggest asking them to leave, and replacing them with someone who will pay on time. If you are not on the lease, you could encourage the lease holders to take that action, or you could consider moving to another house. Of course, there are going to be lots of other things to consider as well, so if you’d like to discuss all of the details of your situation please talk to a caseworker by calling 9660 5222.