After a brilliant O-Week I would like to congratulate everyone involved

After a brilliant O-Week I would like to congratulate everyone involved in putting it together and say how excited I am for semester to start, particularly with many of the new students I met in the last week at our SRC stall. I would also like to welcome all new members of our collectives and encourage you to take part in the campaigns and events they put together. This is important as we are under a government that is, across the board, systematically disadvantaging so many people in this country in areas such as education, gender equality, multiculturalism and environment.

So if you have a passion for the environment and climate action I suggest you make contact with the Environment Collective. Have strong feelings about social justice aiming to take out racism? Have a chat with the Anti-Racism Collective (ARC), the Indigenous department, or the Autonomous Collective Against Racism (ACAR). Think education is a right of all people and not just for the privileged rich? See how you can be a member of the Education Action Group (EAG), which helped build one of the biggest student movements last year in at least 10 years. Find yourself pissed off with the way the society we live in treats wom*n and queers? Join or support the Wom*n’s Collective (WoCo) or the Queer Collective.

University is a place with constant critical thought and debate; a place where the future of society is determined. Throughout the semester and the year I ask you to keep in mind that while you have the opportunity to be educated in one of Australia’s top universities, I believe you should take the opportunities to help create a society that is accepting, open minded, progressive and fair for all people regardless of their gender, sexual orientation, colour or religion. With your help and ideas, this year the student movement will carry on and continue in a direction towards equality and solidarity amongst our comrades. Have a good year and I’ll see you at the first National Day of Action in a few weeks.

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