ACAR Officers Report – Week 12, Sem 1, 2018

Tanushri Saha, Nischeta Velu, Tanya Ali and Geneve Bullo

The last few weeks saw all our creative efforts, energy and focus being dedicated towards creating a beautiful yet stimulating edition of this year’s ACAR Honi. A shout out to all the talented writers and artists who contributed, and to the editors who bought the whole thing to life. The launch party for 2018 ACAR Honi was a huge success, and it was warming to witness performances as diverse as poetry, music and comedy. A perfect culmination of everything ACAR stands for, bringing people together to celebrate the success. Taking over Hermann’s bar and turning the stage into a perfect backdrop embellished with artworks, this event reminded us of the richness of our diverse experiences, and the importance of having such spaces to chat, laugh and feel warm in the presence of other people of colour. Overall each of us couldn’t have hoped for a better week, or better people to have celebrated it with.