Dear Abe,

I have a group work assignment due in two weeks but my group members are not attending our arranged meetings and are not contributing to the project. What can I do?
Stephen Stressed

Dear Stephen Stressed,
Working in a group can be very challenging, especially at this time of the semester when exams and major assessments are due.
I would advise you to send a message to your group about the upcoming due date, raising your concerns in a polite and respectful manner. Keep proof of the efforts you make to try and progress work with the group e.g. screenshots of your group correspondence. If you later need to appeal the grade or request an individual grading, you can use this as evidence. If you don’t get a response from your group members, or are still concerned, contact your unit coordinator. It’s important you raise your concerns with your unit coordinator as soon as possible. Don’t wait until after the work is submitted. In the meantime complete what you can on the assignment and contact an SRC caseworker if you need more information or support.