SRC Presidents Report – Week 5, Sem 1, 2019

Jacky He

Progress Update on Open Learning Environment

Readers of my report would have been aware that a particular issue that I have been focusing on ever since the beginning of the semester was Open Learning Environment. Through a meeting with Professor Peter McCallum, the

Chair the Board of Interdisciplinary Studies, we proposed a few preliminary solutions (non-finalised that would aim to potentially increase more six credit point OLE units options, make it possible to complete OLE units through overseas exchange programs, mitigate the extra workload that Dalyell Scholar students have to take on and provide additional support to students. These proposed changes will be raised in the subsequent Board of Interdisciplinary Studies Meeting, and if that is passed, will be reported to the UE Education Committee and Academic Board. If stakeholders and professors are satisfied, the earliest date of implementation will be from Semester 1 of 2020.

SRC Beer and Pizza Party

The SRC is hosting a party at Courtyard for ALL UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS! The event will take place on Thursday the 28th of March and we anticipate to have approximately 100 undergraduate students attending. We have also invited a few undergraduate tutors from various disciplines to participate in event. We hope to provide our students with a relief from assessments and allow them to network and receive some study tips from the tutors.