Knights & Dames ?? What about a quality education system!

Here Ye Here Ye, the phrase that captured a nation this week as Senator Sam Dastyari pointed out the ridiculousness of our dear Prime Minister’s announcement of reintroducing the honor of Knights and Dames of the Order of Australia. Now I know that Tony Abbott has his loved views of the monarchy and lets face it what was once an energetic republican movement is not center stage at the moment, but seriously what was Tony Abbott thinking!!!

What was most hilarious about the whole situation is that he decided he would keep his announcement as a surprise to his colleagues. Particularly Joe Hockey and Malcolm Turnbull who are both republicans and played major roles in the movement during the 1999 referendum.

While this story was taking the front page of newspapers this week, the real issues facing Australian’s were yet again forgotten about. Dastyari captured the irrelevance and disappointment of Tony Abbott’s announcement in a nutshell. The story has taken off through all media avenues, maybe because Australian’s are finally seeing the outdated, out of touch and uncaring actions of the Abbott Government. “Barking Mad: the Abbott nobility” writes Mark Carlton, “The Queens Guard” writes Sophie Morris, this is an issue so comical that the Media won’t even side with Abbott.

Last Wednesday was finally the day of the National Day of Action, the “Abbott and Pyne, Hands of our Education” campaign went National as students across the countries’ main cities marched to save high quality, affordable and accessible education. Sydney’s march went on despite the rain and gathered quite a good crowd.

However the news was still very pre-occupied by Abbotts return of Knights and Dames announcement. Too bad Abbott doesn’t spend the same amount of time trying to improve the Education and Healthcare systems in this country, as he does sucking up to the Queen.

All the best with your week and I’ll check in again same place, same time next week.

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