Forces surround you, pinning you in from all sides. The path you have taken, or perhaps been forced down, is littered with obstacles. You are scratched, bruised and scarred. It would be so easy to succumb, to stop treading water, to collapse in exhaustion. But you hold on to hope, choose to push forward no matter the obstacle. Failure is no option, capitulation no answer. All that matters is SURVIVAL.

Welcome to SURVIVAL, Honi Soit’s 2022 writing competition. We have cash prizes available for two categories: fiction and non-fiction. This year we are looking for pieces that encapsulate what it means to SURVIVE.

NON-FICTION: Pieces can be up to 1200 words, and must be of an opinion genre with a clear argument. We want you to convince, challenge and provoke us.

FICTION: Pieces can be up to 2000 words for prose, and 400 for poetry. However, your styles are not limited to these categories. Be imaginative with your piece – the more creative, the better. Feel free to interpret the theme as broadly as you wish, while maintaining a thematic link.

PRIZE MONEY: In each category:

First place — $1000
Second place — $500
Third place — $250
People’s choice — $50

For more information and how to enter CLICK HERE