Ethnocultural Officers Bearer Report – Week 7, Sem1, 2019

Swapnik Sanagavarapu, Himath Siriniwasa and Ellie Wilson

The massacre that took place in Christchurch a few weeks ago was a despicable instance of Islamophobic violence. The Autonomous Collective Against Racism stands with Muslim communities both on campus and worldwide. We held a vigil on Monday 18 March to pay respects, and hosted a campus speakout alongside Unite Against the Far Right on Tuesday 19 March to speak out against ongoing Islamophobia and rising white supremacy. ACAR convenors Swapnik Sanagavarapu and Himath Siriniwasa, along with Sexual Harassment Officer and Wom*n’s Collective convenor Layla Mkh and Mature Age Student Officer Vinil Kumar, gave speeches at the speakout.

ACAR has sent contingents to a number of rallies in the last few weeks, and held working bees to make banners and signs for events. Some of the events that we’ve attended in the last two weeks have been the Protest Israeli Apartheid on Palestinian Land Day rally and WoCo’s counter-protest against the Day of the Unborn Child, the latter of which Ethnocultural Officer and ACAR convenor Ellie Wilson spoke at. We’ve organised a contingent and a working bee for Palm Sunday, which is Sunday 14 April, and intend to promote the rally by working with the Campus Refugee Action Collective.

Planning for our autonomous edition of Honi Soit is underway. We’ve established an editorial collective and are currently processing expressions of interest, of which we had a significant number. We hope to get content creation underway over the next week.
PoC Revue is this week from 11-13 April! Tickets are being sold online and in person. A number of ACAR members are involved in the show this year, and ACAR intends to attend the show together.

ACAR has now had four collective meetings, and the number of people engaged in the collective is growing. We intend to have weekly meetings moving forward, which we’ll organise online, so like our Facebook page (Sydney Uni Autonomous Collective Against Racism) and join our Facebook group (ACAR: Autonomous Collective Against Racism) if you’re a PoC to get involved! We’re excited to see how much more active the collective will become over the next year.