Presidents Report – Week 1, Sem 1 2017

Congrats on making it through O-week and to the hallowed SRC pages of Honi Soit! The SRC had a massively successful O-Week. We talked to hundreds of students about the SRC and its incredible services as well as giving out over 1000 free SRC goodie bags! Our collectives also had a great O-Week signing up hundreds of new students and letting people know what’s in store for 2017.
The first week of uni is always pretty weird. You might find yourself sitting in a packed lecture theatre nursing a post O-week hangover or if you’re like me you’ll be ashamedly telling people in tutorial name arounds that you’re in your fourth year of a three year degree.
Even though it’s only the first week of uni, your SRC has spent the beginning of the year being active and vocal around a number of student issues. In January the SRC joined the NSW Education Organising Group in protesting Centrelink’s automated compliance system that issued hundreds of students false debt notices.
It’s only just March and the list of attacks on the rights of students keeps growing with the Fair Work Commission’s decision to slash penalty rates being the latest addition.
These cuts to penalty rates mean that students working in retail, hospitality and fast food will have the extra money they earn for giving up their weekends drastically reduced. At the SRC we know that most students work weekends in order to balance work and study, and that many of these students rely on penalty rates to make ends meet.
If you’re worried about what these cuts will mean for you, I encourage you to join your union and get involved in the fight for your rights. You can visit to join your relevant union.
The SRC will also be protesting alongside your National Union of Students on March 22 to protect your rights at Work, Uni and Home and to Make Education Free again so come join us!
If you have any questions or queries don’t hesitate to contact me at and give our Facebook page a like at