General Secretary’s Report – Week 13, Sem 1, 2016

Lachlan Ward

So I guess we are at the end of Semester 1, and therefore Georgia and I are halfway through our term as your General Secretary. Over the last few weeks, we have been crunching the numbers and have finalised the SRC’s budget, ensuring that our services and collectives are funded as effectively and efficiently as possible, in order to improve your SRC. I have also been involved in assisting in with the organisation of the National Union of Student’s Education Conference, which this year is being held at USYD. I expect it to be an informative conference, consisting of speaker panels from politics, unions and media, as well as sessions on activism and educational issues. Registration is closing soon, so feel free to look it up or contact to find out how to attend, with some equity places being available if you have financial issues.

With the federal election happening at the conclusion of semester, keep in mind the current government’s attacks on higher education. These have consisted of deregulating the university sector, gutting funding and seeking to take back your HECS even after your death, something that will impact those worst off in society, most of all. Furthermore the government is committed to slave labor with the PATH program to employment, which when trialled in other countries has been completely ineffective at reducing youth unemployment. Coupled with the fact that the Liberal party still is not committed to action on climate change, legislating for marriage equality, or any of the other numerous policy flaws that they possess, there really isn’t anything going for them at this election. That’s why it’s so important for you to have your say at the ballot box, and I strongly urge you to put the Liberals last as it is where they are already putting you and anyone else who is not a wealthy business owner. Finally, for your exams, I wish you, good luck and hope you do your best!

President’s Report – Week 13, Sem 1, 2016

Chloe Smith

It’s the last week of semester one – that winter break looks so close and yet so far! Your SRC is finishing up on a busy note, with our final council meeting for the semester happening this Wednesday at 6pm. As usual, all are welcome – especially if you’d rather not watch QLD thrash NSW in the State of Origin for the millionth time.
Last week was busy as well, with the SRC holding a film screening of The Hunting Ground, a documentary about sexual assault and harassment on university campuses in the US, followed by a panel including the Vice-Chancellor Michael Spence and one of the SRC’s Women’s Officers, Anna Hush. This is especially pertinent given the recent media scrutiny around disrespectful and sexist behaviour at our colleges. The SRC will be continuing to hold the university to account on this issue and push for genuine change.
In other exciting news, the SRC has been selected to host the National Union of Student’s annual Education Conference in July! This student-led conference is a great opportunity for students from universities around the country to share skills and campaign ideas and discuss the future of higher education in Australia. We’ll be holding workshops and panels, hosting high-profile keynote speakers, and engaging with some of the key challenges facing our universities and tertiary students.
This is particularly relevant to all USyd students given the recently released Strategic Plan for 2016-2020 which outlines some major changes the university management is hoping to implement, especially in light of the Federal Budget’s implications for the sector.
I strongly encourage as many students as possible to register to come along and get more involved in the education campaign. Students will be able to apply for equity grants to assist their attendance at the conference through both the SRC and NUS. Shoot me an email to find out more or get in touch with NUS via their website:

I wish everyone good luck with their final assessments and exams and hope you all have a relaxing break. We’ll see you in semester two!