Dylan Parker wants you to run in the SRC election, so long as you’re not an apolitical CV stacking careerist or a radical plotting the downfall of the state

So you probably haven’t thought much about it but the Federal poll isn’t the only election this September. Nominations are now open for the 86th SRC Council. With the positions of President, Honi Soit, 33 Council spots, and 7 NUS delegates up for grabs whether your left, right or in between you should seriously think about getting involved.

As someone who actually found deciding to run for Council quite a daunting step, I can tell you that I don’t regret it in the least. For me it was a refreshing surprise realising that what actually mattered to 99% students wasn’t grand ideological dreams but rather the fact their tutorials were overcrowded, the oddity that they couldn’t put their textbooks on HECS, or even the ridiculous reality that they spent more on rent than food, booze, transport, and bills combined.

Now having been a Councillor, an Executive Member, and a General Secretary I can tell you that I’ve seen the lot and can vouch that the SRC is one hell of a ride. Whether its passing one and a half million dollar budgets, seeing tangible pressure being put on the Uni Administration during the staff cuts and strike campaigns, or watching the buzz of the Honi editorial room as their deadline approaches every day is different and a little out there.

So, if you’re actually interested you should seriously think about putting your hand up. The fact of the matter our SRC needs a wide range of talents and more diversity can never go astray. Frankly, at the end of the day it’s the only protection from apolitical CV stacking careerists or radicals plotting the downfall of the state from the basement of the Wentworth building.

Dylan Parker