SRC Secretary to Council

On Wednesday 3 April 2019, the 91st SRC sat for the 3rd regular meeting of the year. The meeting opened at 6:28pm.

There were 3 resignations at this Council from the joint Education Officers James Newbold and Yiting Feng; Yiting Feng also resigned from the Council to the next willing member on her Council ticket, Xinyue Zhang; and Jingrui Xu resigned as a Director of Student Publications (DSP). Elections were held for Education Officer and the one DSP. James Newbold and Jingrui Xu (16 votes) were jointly elected to the position of Education Officer, defeating Lily Campbell (12 votes) with 5 invalid ballots cast. Sean Perry was elected unopposed to DSP role.

Reports were received and accepted from the President, Vice Presidents, General Secretaries, Education Officers, Women’s Officers, Disabilities Officers and Sexual Harassment Officers. These reports outlined the work and events being coordinated by these Officers since the last Council meeting. There were also reports tabled from the Residential College Officers and the Welfare Officers but the Council was unable to consider those reports before the meeting lost quorum at 10:52pm.

There were 10 motions tabled at the Council meeting and one moved from the floor. Seven of those motions were voted on before the meeting lapsed. The first motion of the night was called from the floor in support of a protest held in Canberra on Friday 5 April 2019 opposing the deportation and denial of permanent residency of a Queanbeyan family because their son Kinley is deaf. The motion’s action was that the SRC endorse and publicise and endorse the action on Friday and any future action organised by the NUS Disabilities Officer on the issue. The motion was passed.

The first motion on notice was carried over from the previous meeting on 6 March 2019. The motion called on the council to condemn the actions of Bettina Arndt on campus; that her rhetoric undermines the work being done by activists to make campus safer for women and non-binary students; that victim blaming is dangerous to student welfare; that the SRC stand against any future actions of Arndt’s on this campus; and the SRC support the work of the University of Western Australia’s Student Guild in their opposition to her talks on their campus. The motion was passed.

The second was on the visibility of the SRC and called on all representatives and members of Council to go to more effort to formally and informally promote the works and services of the SRC, and that the SRC work with the University to find ways in which the University can help promote the SRCs services particularly to first year students. The motion was passed.

There were two Regulations change motions. The first was for the creation of an autonomous edition of Honi Soit for students with a disability. Honi Soit Disabilities Edition (Disabled Honi) is to be where possible organised to coincide with Disability Inclusion Week. The motion carried. The second was to alter the title for the Disabilities and Carers’ Officers and an alteration to the affirmative action provisions. This motion removed Carers from the title of the position, and altered the definition of a student with a disability to match the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities definition. The motion was passed.

The 5th motion on notice was on abortion rights. It asked that the motion be shared in full on the SRC Facebook page; that the SRC support campaigns to decriminalise abortion; and that it also support counter-demonstrations to measures seeking to restrict access to abortion and the outfits that support those restrictions. The motion carried.

The final motion for the night was is support of the victims of the Christchurch massacre and asked that the SRC write to the Al Noor and Linwood Mosques in Christchurch expressing condolences on behalf of the University of Sydney undergraduate student body; and that a photo be taken and put on the SRC Facebook page to show support for the Muslim community and the SRC’s commitment to fighting Islamophobia. The motion was passed.

The 4th regular meeting is scheduled for Wednesday 8 May 2019 at 6:00pm in the New Law Lecture Theatre 026.

This is a reminder that the meeting is open to all members of the undergraduate student body at the University of Sydney so if you are interested in learning more about the Council, feel welcome to come along. If have a motion you would like to put forward for the Council’s consideration, email the Secretary to Council Julia Robins at: to have it tabled on the agenda, or if you have any questions about how to put together a motion.