Wom*ns Report – Week 13

It’s that time of semester—exams are approaching and as such, activism becomes the greatest form of procrastination. Last week was a momentous one for the Wom*n’s Collective, with three huge events to report on. The first was the “Stop Killing Women” Vigil at UTS (unfortunately I couldn’t make it due to work). Members from the collective got together on monday evening and painted a banner on that sweet, silky bright pink and glossy fabric (made famous at the NDA earlier this year). The turn out looked incredible, with wonder women Mehreen Faruqi and Wendy Bacon (amongst others) giving speeches. Thanks so much to those members of the Wom*n’s Collective who’ve been working tirelessly with representatives from other universities to put this together.
Wom*n’s Honi hit the stands last week! Thank you so much to everyone who contributed and helped edit the paper. Particularly to the last minute call ins—Astha Rajvanshi and Alex Downie—who helped us give the edition that extra Honi Soit editor finesse. It was great to see so many people voluntarily come in on Saturday to lay out their pages. Collective work isn’t always collaborative, but Wom*n’s Honi this year was a great example of how it can be. The diversity of the articles and artworks is a testament to the many intelligent, insightful and radical non cis male students on our campus. I’ve stolen a hearty stack to share with my future children—I hope some of you did too.

Last wednesday was our joint Honi Soit launch with Indigenous Honi. What a fantastic night! Thank you so much to Georgia Mantle for offering to co-ordinate the event with the Wom*n’s Collective. Georgia’s acknowledgement was absolutely heart wrenching and so moving; I thank her for sharing it with us. I hope the pizza was delicious enough, the speakers entertaining enough (they certainly were! Thank you Tina, Anoushka, Jethro and Madison) and the company enjoyable enough. Hopefully the joint launch can become a tradition. Wom*n’s activism and Indigenous activism have not always been the best of friends but may we strive to change that! Thank you to all those who helped set up and organise the event, particularly Julia Readett, sneaky pizza orderer and speaker hirer extraordinaire.
Finally, I feel I should make one brief comment about the “Stop Taxing My Period” petition. Thanks to all the USYD students who have supported the campaign. It was so wonderful to watch us in the SRC OB room holding up that giant tampon in the Q&A video. Even more special thanks to Georgia, Arabella, Courtney, Ella and Lane (who missed a French test to be there) who woke up at 4.30am to drive to Canberra and be my official human tampons in front of Parliament last Thursday. I couldn’t ask for better friends or better feminists.

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