ENID Platform:

As indicated in our project plan, we intend to make a number of videos to promote our ENID platform, SRC services and women’s services on campus. Video focus topics intend to reflect the diversity of feminist values and activism on camps, fashion interests, female entrepreneurship and career development etc. The detailed plan for the first episode will be discussed in next week USYD Women meeting. If you want to become “ENID Famous” we want YOU – incredibly talented USYD women- so that we can ensure we populate ENID with content that is relevant and relatable.

Campus Security and Walk Service Update:

In the meeting on Tuesday May 7th, we discussed Consent Matters Progress report, student group updates and matters arising, student communications feedback and an update from CIS- Security. We raised points regarding ambulance cover for international students and whether the university would consider covering the cost of an ambulance for a student in the case that this student has not got ambulance cover and is recommended to go to hospital via an ambulance.

The other major issue raised was regarding the fact the Security Walking Service at USYD is no longer available. Campus Infrastructure Services (CIS) when asked prior has responded that there were concerns regarding the fact that the service may attract predators to the area. We have asked for a more thorough justification as to the removal of this service. The outcome of the meeting on 7 May was that CIS will investigate the current situation regarding the history of the service, funding allocation for the service, and new ways to offer this service rather than just through qualified security guards to ensure people feel safe on campus particularly at night. We will continue to consult CIS to ensure we set up a similar service.

Also did you know that USYD offers a free shuttle bus service around campus and to central transport hubs. If you are interested look at for the posters around campus or visit this website: https://sydney.edu.au/campus-life/getting-to-campus/campus-bus.html
If you have any comments or want to discuss women’s safety on campus contact us.

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