Wom*n’s Collective – Update on the many projects and happenings!

We’d like to begin this week’s report by talking about another collective on campus, and a pretty wonderful one at that. The Wom*n of Colour Collective is an autonomous space where people share experiences, discuss future projects, and generally are rad intersectional feminists. In fact, the collective just elected their new office bearer, Aulina Chaudhuri, and we’re beyond excited to work together on film screenings and autonomous discussions that focus on re-education and prioritising wom*n of colour perspectives. One project we have in the works, currently titled “fucking up a white hot mess” is a wom*n of colour feminism workshop, potentially (hopefully) to be submitted to run at this year’s NOWSA (NUS Wom*n’s Conference).

It’s been a while so we have a long list of things to report. We’ll try and be comprehensive. (And we’re sorry that wom*n’s activism on campus can’t be sufficiently summarised in so few words; we’ll endeavour to fight against kyriarchy less productively in future.) The National Day of Action took place before the mid-semester break, you may have seen our glorious hot pink 8 metre long banner that read “FEMINISTS 4 FREE ED”. That was a sweet cross-collective initiative —thanks to UTS WoCo for letting us use their space and everyone who helped out. After the workshop a few of us went to a public lecture given by intersectional feminist theorist Sara Ahmed on calling out and challenging hegemonic norms. If you’d like to read some amazing notes taken by collective member Julia Readett, shoot us an email (usydwomenscollective@gmail.com) and we’ll send them over!

Another project we’ve been secretly working on is our “fEMPOWER” workshops. During our first meeting, collective member Georgia Behrens pointed out that very few wom*n have any knowledge, let alone a critical knowledge, of feminism before they come to university. As a result, being bombarded with asterisks, kyriarchy, and the names of radical black activists (luv u Angela, bell) can be very overwhelming. As a result, we’ve decided to look beyond the hallowed halls of Sydney University and are searching for consenting young feminists in local public high schools. More on this later (the project is developing as we speak and we’d need the whole of wom*n’s honi to give you a proper update), but if you’re interested in getting involved, request to join the “USYD feminist education workshops” group on Facebook.

Other things include: our Pride Week stall, sexual harassment campaign, writing letters to Purvi Patel, discussing the USU’s BROSOC, a stall at the Other Worlds Zine Fair, Wom*n’s Honi, self-defence workshop for the USU Health & Wellbeing day etc. etc. Thank you loyal readers, may you return first timers.

With lots of feminist love and rage,

Xiaoran & Subeta

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