Well here it is, my last report as President of the Students Representative Council.

Not every 21 year old has the opportunity, or responsibility of running a $1.5 million student organisation, being responsible for over 14 staff members, and being the head of a Legal Corporation. This year has been the greatest learning experience of my life so far, and of course there were many hardships, but it was definitely worth it; as the privilege of being the head of a student organisation that fights for the rights and the welfare of over 23,00 undergraduate students, Far outweighs anything else. This year has certainly been a whirlwind, 2014 brought some of the biggest threats to higher education in Australia’s history and I truly believed that the undergraduate students have put up one hell of a fight. We saw the largest rally hitting Sydney streets since the anti-VSU campaigns. This year the SRC has also been fighting for affordable student accommodation,

I made a submission to the University fighting for 600 rooms to be priced at $160 a week so students can actually afford their accommodation, and at the start of 2015 you will see all your lectures online after a year of pushing with the University. The SRC is also receiving a makeover to make sure our dungeon is welcoming and inviting.

It is here I now want to say THANKYOU to everyone who has supported the SRC and myself throughout the last year.

Firstly a huge thank-you to everybody who voted for me in the SRC elections in 2013, I have worked as hard I could to make sure I have kept to the promises I made. A special Thank-you to all the staff of the SRC, the work you do is phenomenal and you have been a great support all year. To my family thank you for putting up with my meltdowns, me never being home and always trying to understand what I do. Thank you you to Todd, you were the first person to get me on a student election campaign, thanks for always listening to me constantly talk about the SRC, my ideas, my complaints, thanks for keeping me sane and sticking by me, the unconditional support you have given me has been amazing.

To John and Dylan I don’t know what I would do without you two, I will be forever grateful for the work you put into my election campaign, thanks for always being around to talk to, drink with and just have fun. To Alisha for being my sidekick all year, all I can say is no-one messes with us. Pat Massarani for being a fantastic undergrad senator and a great friend, you helped me immensely to navigate the University and find my feet. To Michael Buckland for teaching me how make chalk, and being my go to for advice. The whole Sydney University Student Unity gang you know who you are and I am certain that you will carry on and keep true to our faction. To Jack Boyd and NSW Unity, to National Student Unity; Isabelle, Gracie, Tom, Nikko, Tim, James and everyone else for your support. To David, Casey, Hannah, and to NLS and SLS and Unity crews Labor is not dead we will never be dead, we are movement and we will continue to fight for what we believe in. To my school friends who will probably never read this but have put up with a lot, Hilary, Jacinta, Nikki, Rochelle and Maja you have stuck by me despite constantly vanishing for months for election campaigns and constantly talking about the SRC. Finally congratulations to Kyol, there is a lot to fight for from here on but I’m sure you will do a great job in 2015.

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