Welfare Officer’s Report – Week 10, Sem 1, 2016

April Holcomb, Isabella Brook, Matthew Campbell and Dylan Williams

With the release of the Liberals’ federal budget on May 3, it’s crucial to resist the extreme attacks the government has in sight for students, young workers and the young unemployed.

Firstly, a $2bn cut to higher education funding and the reduction of government contribution, means a 25% direct increase to student fees. Students will be expected to pay their HECS back on an income close to minimum wage. Or, you know, if they die.
Secondly, the right to a liveable income will be completely trashed, and the rights of workers with it. Work-for-the-dole schemes will see young unemployed people working for businesses at a rate of $4 an hour, while the business pockets $1000 from the government for each slave they drive. No right to workers’ compensation means bosses can push you as hard as they like with no concern for injury or death.

On top of this are regressive taxes on tobacco and alcohol, as well as cuts to aged care. Meanwhile, “Mum and Dad” investors with a turnover of $10m a year can enjoy generous tax cuts, and billions saved by millionaires through negative gearing remains untouched.
The Welfare Department completely opposes practically every measure the government is proposing for our education, health, taxation and welfare systems.

The National Union of Students has called a National Day of Action for May 11. Protests remain the most powerful method ordinary people have to influence and drive back the government’s offensive. It’s why they’ve had to keep total deregulation in the top drawer until after the election, because they know student protests are a force to reckon with.

Don’t just wait for the vote on July 2, your voice matters more on Wednesday, May 11.
Rally 1pm at Fisher Library to stop funding cuts, slave labour and a government ruling for the rich.

Enrol to vote: www.aec.gov.au/enrol

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