Welfare Department Report – Week 1, Sem 2

After a gruelling holiday period of late nights, later mornings and the latest in caffeine technology to get us through the day again, your Welfare Department is eager to get back on track with our respective campaigns for Semester Two! While recently the ALP and LNP have been celebrating an uncharacteristically bipartisan relationship founded in a mutual respect for the disregard of basic human rights, we have been celebrating a more lighthearted approach to bipartisan friendship. On behalf of all four of the Welfare Officers, I would like to express my humble gratitude for working with a passionate group of people who are able to look beyond their political persuasions in order to work together on the issues that affect student wellbeing in our university. Hats off to us.

In other, and more relevant news, you may recall hearing about Welfare’s next publication, ‘Your Stories, Your Words’, which will be published within the next few weeks and distributed to the University’s base of student collectives shortly after. If you’re interested in perusing a copy, there will also be a stack residing in the SRC office, along with a few dozen lining Eastern Avenue’s rubbish bins. Such is life.

Also on our agenda this semester will be a further investigation into the welfare issues regarding international students, along with several other campaigns tasked to better support them. And finally for the clairvoyants among you who see canned goods and grocery gift cards in your future, we will also be looking into establishing a USYD emergency food bank and SRC cookbook.

Much to look forward to.

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