Welcome back to another semester of intersectional activism and creativity!

Hey, feminists! Welcome back to another semester of intersectional activism and creativity. We hope you’ve had a restful break and are ready to get back into some feminist shenanigans.

Over the past month or so, a few collective members have been busy wheatpasting Camperdown/Darlington campus and Newtown with anti-street harassment posters, to protest the 87% of Australian women who have experienced verbal or physical abuse whilst walking down the street. Xiaoran is planning to do regular wheatpasting nights featuring original feminist artwork by collective members.

Subeta also organised our first intersectionality workshop with high school students (“fEMPOWER”) across NSW. Thanks to Anna, Julia, Margery, Lane, Brigitte, Freya, Kitty and Arabella, who volunteered and have been consistently committed to this project. From our feedback we scored a mighty 4.94/5 as an average for being “friendly and informative volunteers” and literally all 34 of the students wanted the workshop to be run again in their school, as well as extension workshops—both of which we’re planning at the moment.

Xiaoran is also firing up to launch the new Wom*n’s Library. So far, we’ve received donations and offers of support from Spinifex Press, The Women’s Library in Newtown and Jura Books. We are relying heavily on the generous donations of likeminded organisations and individuals, so donations are welcome. We’ll also be holding a Wom*n’s Library launch and book drive soon.

Finally, the Stop Taxing My Period campaign is not over yet! After a busy break Subeta spent talking to the Senior Advisors to the State/Territory Treasurers leading up to the CFFR (Council of Federal Financial Relations) meeting where the issue is to be discussed, things are looking optimistic. To get those dithering states (including NSW) on side, there are rallies on the 14th of August that you can find on Facebook.

Last but certainly not least, our weekly collective meetings will be held at the same time of Thursdays at 1pm in the Manning Wom*n’s Room. We also have a secret Facebook group where we do a lot of the planning for our projects, so if you’d like to join, don’t hesitate to add us on Facebook and we’ll add you to the group quick smart.


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