The SRC’s got your back.

So its week 3 and classes are in full swing, textbooks have been bought and ignored, and some of us have assignments already (Eughh). Hopefully, you’re killing it and your biggest problem is choosing between Manning or Hermann’s.

However, it’s probably worth knowing where to go if shit hits the fan and you need somebody to help. That’s why the SRC provides a free casework service catering for all of your academic and welfare needs as well a FREE legal service.

Come see a Caseworker!

Providing information, advice and advocacy, the casework department is arguably a core reason the University continues to fund the SRC. We have at your call 5 caseworkers, including one dedicated to satellites worker. You can either drop in or book an appointment.
What’s great about the casework service is they’ll help you with almost anything matters to a student. Just to name a few, academically whether its an unfair mark, getting help with appeals, special considerations or even an exclusion we’ll provide advice and even represent you. Another great thing is that our caseworkers fight for your welfare as well, helping break down the daunting bureaucracy of Centrelink, getting tenancy rights advice so your landlord doesn’t screw you, or even help with international student concessions to figure out if your actually any better off.
We also have a dedicated satellite worker that regularly visits Cumberland, the Con, Westmead, SCA, Mallet St, and at Camden campus so if your not at Camperdown your not out in the cold.

Yup, a FREE Legal Service!

You read it correctly, we provide a FREE legal service for Usyd students. Whether its help with a fine, debt issues, or just generally need advice the SRC has two solicitors who can provide help from even the most initial consultation to representing you in court.
The craziest bit is, it doesn’t cost you a cent. Hopefully you won’t need our solicitors but hell shit happens.

Dylan Parker
SRC General Secretary

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