The SRC Stands in Solidarity with the Staff against the Uni restructure

By the time this report is released a staff rally at our University will be in its final stages of planning for Wednesday 5th August. This rally is lead by the NTEU and the SRC stands in solidarity with it. This is because the SRC will always stand for workers’ rights and values the contribution to our society at the hands of the worker.

As some of you may be aware of, many staff members of this University have received their redundancy letters as a result of the new Strategic Plan 2016-2020. But wait, there’s more. Not only will these staff be cut, but also over 100 degree opportunities for students to be replaced with 4 year vertical degrees—forcing you to pay even more for your education with a further incentive to take up a Postgraduate degree which (as said in my previous report) does not have a cap on how much you can be charged. I encourage everyone to rally on Eastern Ave on the 5th August at 1pm to stand up for staff and your education.

On another note, I am disappointed to report to you that there are proposed changes to the Universities Assessment Procedures that add more bureaucracy between the relationship of students and staff. The changes, which are set to go to Academic Board on the 19th August, remove the clause for Simple Exensions entirely. I will be opposing the proposal when it’s brought to the Academic Board for approval but my vote will not be enough. I ask that those who see the value in having the Simple Extension included in our policy documents to write to me directly before the meeting on August 19th so I can voice your concerns to the board.

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