The Serious Consequences of Ignoring Fines

If you get a traffic fine as a result of an Infringement Notice or Penalty Notice issued by the Police, local government authorities or other prosecuting agencies, you should not ignore it. Read it carefully and make sure you understand the alleged offences for which you have been fined. Most importantly, take note of the due date on the fine.

If you do nothing about the notice before the due date, State Debt & Recovery Office will send you a penalty reminder notice, which gives you a further 28 days to deal with the fine.

What to do about your traffic fine? Your options are:

Pay the penalty amount in full

Pay the penalty amount by part payments, as long as it is paid in full before the due date listed on the penalty reminder notice

Ask for an internal review if you think there are any issues with the fine
Elect to have the matter heard in a Local Court (but make sure you receive legal advice before doing this.)

There is a deadline for all of these options. If you miss a deadline the option may be lost. For example, a court election date may apply despite a pending internal review.

What if you don’t do anything?

There are serious consequences for ignoring a fine, financially and legally. If you default on a fine, the amount of money you owe will increase due to enforcement actions. Your driver licence could be cancelled or suspended. You could have your car registration cancelled, your wages taken in part to repay the fine, your assets seized or you could be ordered to do community service. Worse case scenario, you could even be sentenced to do community service (as an alternative to a sentence of a period of imprisonment), depending on the seriousness of the case and the extent of your debt.

How can SRC Legal Service assist you?

We can discuss your alleged offence with you and explore the options you have.
If you decide to pay the fine but have difficulties financially, we can help you work out a repayment plan that works for you and help you apply for an appropriate repayment plan.

If there are special circumstances which we think the issuing authority should look at before they decide to pursue the fine, we can help you write to the issuing authority for an internal review.

If there is room for challenging the fine after unsatisfactory internal review, we can also represent you in court on the condition that there is a reasonable prospect of success after reviewing all your evidences.Seek leniency from the court

To make an appointment with the SRC Legal Service, call the SRC office on 02 9660 5222.

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