Wom*ns Colective update…

First up, we’ve change our meeting time to Thursday 2pm. Hope you can make it! We’ve had a great start to the Semester in the Wom*n’s Collective. Many of us attended the film screening, hosted by Xiaoran Shi and Andy Mason, of Black Panther Woman, the story of Marlene Cummins, an Indigenous activist in the 70s whose story is incredibly powerful and moving. As one member commented in a reflection, it is a privilege to be able to complain or report men’s behaviour and for it not be perceived as a reflection of your culture, race or community.

We’re looking forward to collaborating with Xiaoran and Andy to screen regular documentaries and movies over the semester. We’ve also been at work finalising our Grievance Policy which contains the shared self-edcuation and skill-sharing that we’ve done over Semester 1 to effective practice being non-oppressive as a collective and take these attitudes and behaviours into the wider world. We’re also very excited to be supporting Bebe D’Souza in organising Radical Sex and Consent Day which will be held on September 4th, in just a few weeks. Get ready for film screenings, facilitated discussions, hands on workshops and all the things you wanted to know but were too afraid to ask.

Finally, we were lucky enough to collaborate with the UNSW and UTS Wom*n’s Collectives in a workshop called “How to Call Out and Apologise”. It was a great opportunity to share experiences in being called out and discuss strategies in calling out oppressive behaviour in activist spaces. We’d like to thank Amy Knox for her organisations skills and Georgia Cranko for an amazing workshop in disability politics. Georgia’s workshop, through an old-school game of Simon Says, allowed us to experientially understand the social model of disability; where society arbitrarily constructs what a “normal” body is, builds infrastructure and attitudes around it, then blames people who might not be able to conform to those norms.

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