Students come back to Uni amid news of Uni Restructure

On behalf of the SRC I would like to welcome all students back to uni for Semester 2 of 2015. Hopefully you had an eventful and/or relaxing July break. During the time you’ve been gone, the Executive and myself have been reviewing the University’s Complaint’s and Policy Procedures which have been forwarded to higher management as a recommendation. We have also worked to propose changes to the way Special Consideration will be handled by the University making it more student friendly and accessible to students with a lot on their plate. These will be discussed in the Academic Board in approximately one month from now.

The big news, however, is the University’s announcement that it will be undergoing a massive restructure – Un. I should say at this point that the SRC is strongly opposed to the restructure, as it will mean a loss of jobs for many of its staff and an increased need to continue to a Postgraduate Degree. This might seem okay but it will be harder to transfer your credits to different universities and Postgraduate degrees do not have a cap on the amount they can charge, widening the gap between rich and poor students. You could literally end up with a $100,000 HECS debt. This is an internal plan from the University to make it more like the Federal Government’s higher education model after it was voted down twice in the Senate. It will be back in the Senate for its final vote in November.

On August 19th I encourage you to defend your degrees and say no to course cuts, job cuts and deregulation by joining the student protest on the Law Lawns on Eastern Avenue. We must make our university accessible to all because the current management team clearly isn’t.

Kyol Blakeney, SRC President 2015

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