Charlotte Ainsworth, Madeleine Clarke, Layla Mkhayber & Yilun Ma

Charlotte Ainsworth, Madeleine Clarke, Layla Mkhayber & Yilun Ma

Welfare Officers

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Eleanor Morley reports on threats to student welfare at the picket lines

Last Tuesday, I witnessed one fellow student have their leg broken, another held in a choke until they began to go limp, and another fall beneath a crowd and subsequently trampled for I can’t remember how long. Were these the injuries suffered by students crossing the picket line on strike day? No, they were injuries […]

Emily France, Olivia Ronan, and Michael Rees explain what social justice has to do with your mental health

As semester hits its peak with essay season, student elections and the weight of exams just around the corner, students can be forgiven for forgetting the most important aspects of life: health, emotional wellbeing and self-nourishment. While many of our policies pertain to financial or demographic disadvantage, we are pleased to announce our current work-in-progress; […]

Harry is concerned about your welfare

Hi team! My name’s Harry, and together the wonderful Elly Morley and I are your Student Welfare team for 2013. At its best, student life is a delirious combination of new friends, new experiences, and heavily subsidised alcohol. Unfortunately, not everyone’s “university experience” is as glossy as the brochure. Frankly, throughout the next however many […]