Representing students at Sydney University for 90 years

Refugee Rights

The Campus Refugee Action Collective (CRAC) is part of a grassroots campaign to end the offshore processing and mandatory detention of refugees.

Last year we saw Tony Abbott lose his job as prime minister, despite his best attempt to save his job by whipping up racism and anti-refugee sentiment. However despite his “progressive” image, Malcolm Turnbull is no better; endorsing and enforcing the continuation of a deliberately cruel refugee policy. By pretending to protect us from this supposed refugee threat, he seeks to cultivate an image that he is a Prime Minister of the people and the protector of all Australians, including the students and the working people who he wants to cut their penalty rates from and raise the GST on. The price that the refugees pay so that Turnbull can look like he’s someone who’s got the people’s interest at heart whilst sweet talking us into buying his pro-business and anti-worker agenda is far too high. Thousands of refugees suffer from violence, mental illnesses, and some commit suicide while in these offshore detention centres. It’s time to expose the lies, stop the abuse, close Manus Island and Nauru, fight Turnbull and fight with the refugees- to fight for our rights.

Join us in our fight; join Campus Refugee Action Collective this year.