Peter Burell-Sander, Steff Leinasars

Peter Burell-Sander, Steff Leinasars

Queer Officers

The USYD Queer Action Collective (QuAC) is a politically active collective which runs campaigns against all kinds of oppression related to the discrimination of LGBTQ+ people.

We recognise the history of radical resistance which runs through the history of Australia as invasion defines it and aspire to be another thread in the vast tapestry of the oppressed and exploited joining one another to reclaim what has been taken.

Previously the collective has engaged with campaigns such as the Safe Schools program, the Manus refugee crisis and campaigns against sexual assault. The collective plans to take action around ongoing discrimination against LGBTQ+ people at universities, rampant transphobia and fascists the whole wide world around.

Our aims are to continue a safe, politically engaged collective for queer students at USYD, present and future. We hold weekly meetings during which we collectively decide how we can best operate to support our comrades and achieve our own goals.

For more info contact:

Twitter: @USYDQuac

Latest Reports

Queer Officer’s Report – Week 12, Sem 1, 2016

Marcus Wong and Evan Jones The past few weeks have been extremely busy and exciting for the Queer Action Collective. We’ve been present at a number of actions such as the National Day of Action protesting the cuts by the federal government to our education that will disproportionately affect queer students, the Nakba Rally in […]

Queer Officer’s Report – Week 9, Sem 1, 2016

In the past few weeks the collective has been incredibly active. Pride week was an interactive weekthat comprised of many workshops hosted by collective members as well as a time for us all to let our hair down. The week started off with a rainbow campus launch. We called on the university to implement six […]

Queer Officer’s Report – Week 5, Sem 1, 2016

Evan Jones and Marcus Wong This month has been extremely eventful and we are pleased to see some really fantastic engagement with the collective this year. Since the last report we marched in Mardi Gras, always a highlight of the year. We were pleased to see the hard work that went into organising was worthwhile. […]