Jacky He

Jacky He

SRC President

“We shield you from harm. We protect your rights. We fight for justice and equality. Our welcoming staff will dedicate their time to help you overcome your difficulties.”

My name is Jacky He, the 91st President of the University of Students’ Representatives Council (SRC) – the largest governing body of all undergraduate students at the University of Sydney. SRC will be your greatest helper during your time at the University of Sydney, helping you overcome almost all different kinds of difficulties along the way, to ensure that you are mentally healthy, overcoming challenges and will successfully graduate by the end of your study duration. To all the undergraduate students, we are your guardians to success at this University.

At this university, we provide you with the opportunity to learn and unlearn everything: that is, paying good money to learn things for two years and then unlearn things for two years – exciting!

I wish you a very pleasant journey undertaking your degree at the University of Sydney. Studying here will be challenging, but don’t forget: carpe diem.

Latest Reports

David Pink talks federal politics

We’re halfway through the year now, so I thought it was time to make myself accountable to you and detail some of the things you can look out for the SRC next semester. We will be organising a bigger and better SRC stall at Re-O-Week, so that you can have a chance to sign up […]

David Pink calls on the VC to take responsibility for student safety on campus

Dear Michael Spence, As you will no doubt be aware, a number of students were seriously injured during Tuesday’s protests. One student had his leg broken. Another student is in hospital with fractured ribs and possible internal bleeding. Several students were trampled. Many others were shoved, grabbed, bruised or struck. These attacks on peaceful protestors […]

David Pink talks about the challenges facing students in the Diploma in Law

The Diploma in Law is the little known third entry pathway into the legal profession (other than a JD and an LLB), and is designed to be accessible to mature age and full time working students through night and weekend classes. However, the retention rate for the diploma is as little as 30%, and the […]

David Pink reports back from the alternative education conference, EduFactory

An Education Network “Previously activists in education have been disconnected, geographically fragmented, without the capacity for coordination, and dependent on the whim of bureaucracies beyond our control. We aim to resolve these difficulties, and to take immediate action on education. We propose that there be a national education network established, to fight attacks on education. […]

Fighting cuts to higher education

The federal government’s decision to cut $2.3 billion out of higher education funding is a disgrace. The idea that the only way we can fund public education is by robbing Peter to pay Paul – to cut university funding and student support, in order to boost Gonski  – is absurd. It’s definitely going to see […]