Matilda Langford

Indigenous Officers
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The Indigenous Collective is an inclusive, culturally safe and welcoming space for all students who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander. We stand by the idea that no matter how much milk, honey or sugar you add to tea, it’s still tea.

The SRC Indigenous Collective, look forward to meeting and getting to know all the new and existing Indigenous students at the University of Sydney. The Collective is here to support and guide all Indigenous students as they navigate University life. We are here to listen to your issues and ideas, give advice and support as well as be that extra helping hand and friendly face around campus – anything we can’t solve directly, we know where to find help and will be there with you until it is solved.

We are striving to create an environment on campus that promotes Indigenous voices and creates action through a holistic Indigenous presence on campus across all disciplines, ages, origins and perspectives. We look forward to running multiple event throughout the year both within the University as well as in the local community ranging from Indigenous performances, sporting events and inviting Indigenous elders to campus to pass down their experiences.

We look forward to continually amplify Indigenous voices and work towards creating a campus that is cultural aware, competent and engaging.


Latest Reports

Indigenous Report – Wom*ns Editon

Putting together last week’s Indigenous Honi saw me focusing and reflecting on my cultural heritage and identity. However I realised that my Aboriginality is only one important aspect of my identity. As an Indigenous wom*n, my identity is not only shaped by cultural influences but also by the way in which society views and understands […]

President’s Report – Indigenous Edition

As Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, we are often told that we are the problem. We are what is wrong with society and we should just conform to the dominant structure “because it works”. The fact is that it doesn’t work. Many of the people who use this line are often people who really […]

National Day of Action on the 1st of May to stop the forced closures of Aboriginal Communities

Just as the injustice doesn’t stop neither do we. Last month members of the collective attended a march to protest the closure of Indigenous communities across Australia. Once again we will be taking to the streets for a National Day of Action on the 1st of May to stop the forced closures of Aboriginal Communities. […]