Deaglan Godwon, Himath Siriniwasa, Angelina Gu, Shuyu Li

Deaglan Godwon, Himath Siriniwasa, Angelina Gu, Shuyu Li

Social Justice Officers

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Global Solidarity Officer’s Report – Week 4, Sem 2, 2016

Declan Maher & Pelin Ersoy, Justine Amin & Michelle Picone The release of the Nauru Files has once again shone light on the horrendous treatment of refugees by the Australian government. This does not come as a surprise to anyone – it has been the policy of both Liberal and Labor for some years now […]

Social Justice Officer’s Report

The Social Justice Officer position is in need of serious evaluation and amendment. The Office’s remit is nebulous and the number of Officer Bearers makes coordination difficult at the best of times. Furthermore, the position is seen as a joke. When I took this role, I thought that something could be made of it. I […]

Emily France, Olivia Ronan, and Michael Rees explain what social justice has to do with your mental health

As semester hits its peak with essay season, student elections and the weight of exams just around the corner, students can be forgiven for forgetting the most important aspects of life: health, emotional wellbeing and self-nourishment. While many of our policies pertain to financial or demographic disadvantage, we are pleased to announce our current work-in-progress; […]