Altay Hagrebet, Kedar Maddali, Virginia Meng, Anie Kandya

Altay Hagrebet, Kedar Maddali, Virginia Meng, Anie Kandya

Ethno Cultural

ACAR is an autonomous space open to current University of Sydney students who identify as an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander person, or who come from a minority ethnocultural background, or who are marked or marginalised by white supremacy, or who identify as a ‘person of colour’.

This doesn’t preclude white people from getting involved with our work! In fact, we actively encourage those who benefit from white supremacy to help out with the various campaigns and events that we’ll run throughout the year. In the spirit of intersectionality, many of these will be run collaboratively with other identity-based collectives.

In 2020, we aim to organise around issues relating to people of colour both on and off campus including Aboriginal justice, refugees, rights for international students and international solidarity actions (i.e. Palestine). The current convenors of the collective are Altay Hagrabet, Kedar Maddali, Anie Kandya and Kowther Qashou.

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