Shaan Patel, Sofie Nicholson, Lily Campbelle, Prudence Wilkins-Wheat

Shaan Patel, Sofie Nicholson, Lily Campbelle, Prudence Wilkins-Wheat

Environment Officers

The environmental collective is radical out of necessity.

USYD invests $13 million in fossil fuels and has a multimillion dollar research partnership with Rio Tinto – of the world’s largest metals and mining corporations – while our Chancellor is married to a former mining executive. This gives polluting industries the social licence to operate while we have only 11 years to limit climate change catastrophe. Their impacts on Indigenous sovereignty and working class people are highlighted in our mid-sem road trips to rural communities in NSW. This builds networks, involving members in grassroots campaigns. The collective also subsidises students to go to the Adani blockade among other campaigns.

The Enviro Collective holds weekly meetings, social events, and is active, working to ensure the University is environmentally conscious, ethical and has a long-term sustainability agenda. It is an amazing opportunity for involvement in environmental and social issues with campus groups like Fossil Free USyd and Waste Fighters, and groups off campus, with strong focus on Indigenous sovereignty.

In July 2019, Sydney is hosting Students of Sustainability, organised by the Australian Student Environment Network (ASEN). This annual convergence sees hundreds of activists come together to learn and generate ideas. Like our Facebook page to stay in touch and get involved!

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