Yiting Feng & James Newbold

Yiting Feng & James Newbold

Education Officers

The Education Action Group (EAG) is an activist collective fighting for students on campus. We meet regularly to plan actions and build for them.

Over the last few years the Education Action Group fought with the National Union of Students and student unions around the country against fee deregulation, forcing the government to back down on the policy which would have seen some university degrees costing $100,000. When USYD staff went on strike in 2013 and 2017, students organised through the EAG and stood with them in their fight for fair pay and conditions – because staff working conditions are student learning conditions.

This year the EAG will continue fighting for workers rights, especially for international students. We will also be campaigning for international student concession Opal cards as NSW is one of the only states not to provide this. We will also continue on last year’s struggle against Tony Abbott and John Howard’s racist Ramsay Centre for Western Civilisation. We will continue to stand with other collective’s campaigns and, as always, the EAG will continue to fight for a completely free, publicly funded and accessible tertiary education.

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Latest Reports

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The 2013 “EduFactory! – Disassembling the Neoliberal University” conference was held at the University of Sydney from Thursday the 25th to Sunday the 28th of April. EduFactory! saw concerned students from all over the country come together to discuss the current crisis of tertiary education. University students, TAFE students, staff union members, and education activists […]

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Welcome to 2013. Welcome to the university, in which you get to pay for the privilege of your participation (especially if you are an international student). Welcome to the tertiary education system under a Federal Labor Government, looking every day more like a production line geared towards the “needs” of a capitalist world economy. Welcome […]

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From Thursday the 25th to Sunday the 28th of April, the Sydney University Students’ Representative Council (SRC) will be holding the 2013 “EduFactory! – Disassembling the Neoliberal University” Conference. The conference organising collective, of which Tenaya and myself are part of, states that: “EduFactory! aims to bring together radical education activists from around the country […]

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No apologies. No regrets. The actions of the last few weeks shocked some people. They went beyond the polite pattern of protest in the university. Many people wanted an argument coherent to their liberal sensibilities of freedom of choice promoted in the neo-liberal orthodoxy. We are expected to maintain a polite relativism but there is […]

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What the HECS?! Why is my education a debt sentence!? This Wednesday, the 27th of March, is the National Union of Students’ (NUS) National Day of Action (NDA). Students across the country are rallying in their capital cities to ask the government “Hey Baby Boomers – Where’s our Education Revolution?” The day is to remind […]