SRC Wom*n’s Officer – Week 1, Semester 2, 2018

Madeline Ward and Jessica Syed

HELLO AND WELCOME TO SEMESTER 2: THIS IS WHAT WE’VE BEEN UP TO. We have a new arch nemesis in the form of Labour MLP Greg Donnelly. Greg thinks it’s fun to bully women and queer University students from his lofty seat in NSW state parliament. To Greg we disrespectfully say: fuck off. Safe Access Zones Passed which is a huge step in the path to safe, legal and free abortion in NSW. We organised a vigil for Eurydice Dixon, Qi Yu and all victims of gendered violence in Sydney. 7 women have since been murdered, most recently Melbourne woman Laa Chol. The silence from so called feminists in the wake of her tragic murder has been deafening. Do better.

THIS WEEK marks 1 year since the release of the AHRC report: and we are still angry. We have a week of actions planned, so keep up to date on our Facebook page and come to the NDA on Wednesday.

Yours in rage,
The University of Sydney Women’s Collective