SRC Vice President’s Report – Week 5, Sem 1, 2019

<em>Dane Luo and Caitlyn Chu</em>

<strong>Upcoming events – Health Days and Picnics</strong>

We’re coming to Nursing and Midwifery students at Mallet Street on Tuesday 16 April from 11:30am to 2pm. We’re coming to Health Sciences students at Darlington/Camperdown for a Victoria Park picnic on Saturday 30 March at 12pm with HealthSoc. And at Cumberland on Tuesday 30 April from 11:30am to 2pm. Learn from our caseworkers at the SRC, University student support services, NGOs and local organisations. More events coming soon for our satellite campuses!

<strong>New Research and Policy Officer</strong>

Over the past two weeks, we have created a new Research and Policy Officer to develop a model for affordable student housing. We are incredibly proud to expand the Casework Department and join the staff to address real student issues. To apply, go to <a href=”″></a>1.

<strong>Vice President Consultation</strong>

The Vice President consultation drop-in times are every Thursday 11am to 1pm in the SRC offices. Come and have a chat! For satellite campuses, email us at <a href=””></a>.

<strong>Regulations Review</strong>

We are currently reviewing the SRC Regulations to improve the way the SRC works. If you have any ideas or suggestions, email to

<strong>Support your Mental Health</strong>

We are concerned at the high rates of students experiencing stress, anxiety and depression. We know that it can be difficult as assessments start coming around. There’s no shame in feeling unwell.
Your friends play a very important role of supporting you and talking to them about how you feel is great. However, it does not replace the benefit of speaking to a professional counsellor. If you get a Mental Health Treatment Plan and referral from your GP to see a counsellor, you can get a rebate from Medicare (domestic students) or your OSHC (international students). Some counsellors charge more than that rebate. You can try headspace (for under 25 years) or Uplift Psychological Services to see if you can get a counsellor without paying extra.

You can also access free, confidential help online or by phone, including the Mental Health Crisis Line (1800 011 511), Headspace (, Lifeline (131 114) or NSW Rape Crisis (1800 424 017).