SRC Sexual Harrassment Officers Report – Week 7, Sem 1, 2017


If you’ve found this report – good work! Ella and Iman here, 2/4 of your Sexual Harassment Officers for 2017.

Before we get started we’d like to say – please feel free to get in touch with any queries or concerns, or even if you’d just like to get involved with the work we’re doing on the SRC this year! We’re available at
The devastating reality is that 72% of female students have reported experiencing unwanted sexual advances, harassment, stalking, assault or rape on campus, and we believe that this is unacceptable. The Human Rights Commissioner, Gillian Triggs, expressed deep concern for the statistics emerging from the survey findings thus far. Despite having support of all vice-chancellors from 39 Universities involved in the survey, we are concerned that The University of Sydney’s lack of action on the matter due to its image – further exhibited by the CCTV footage of a man attempting to sexually assault a woman in the University of Sydney carpark. Had Channel 7 news not obtained that footage through FOI, this issue would have likely been, yet again, swept under the rug.

This year we would like to campaign to raise awareness of sexual assault on campus and also to make students more aware of their rights. As we mentioned in our first report, our main goal is to secure a Sexual Assault Lawyer for the SRC. However, what we would like students to know is that the SRC is available to them if they have any queries or need to more information about access to particular services – we are here to help and will, if needed, direct you to professional services for further assistance.

What we’ve been up to…

On O-WEEK, we joined in on the Stop Sexual Harassment on Campus campaign – and helped bring attention to the issue of sexual assault by joining MP’s, Tanya Plibersek and Jo Haylen, for a press conference on campus. We’re hoping that the involvement of both state and federal MP’s will draw attention to this issue and encourage the University to both acknowledge, and take greater action on the issue.

Please note – if you or anyone you know has been impacted by sexual assault do not hesitate to email us – all emails are confidential and we will direct you to professional resources as required.